Shaved head: Day 1

Will put up the link to the video I made soon.

My experiences of being bald had started! It is once in a lifetime opportunity so I will document each experiences, if not everyday, every time I discover something. So far, since I left the salon at around 11:30am yesterday to right now, in terms of what I physically feel, I feel very super refreshed! My head is lighter. When the wind blows, my head feels like I just dipped it in the water. Though I feet as if I have my hair is in ponytail, I feel very refreshed!

After shaving my head and watched Little Princess Trust’s video, since my friend suggested me to donate my hair to an NGO that makes wigs for children suffering from hair loss, I realised that I have said “I think she should shave her hair and donate it toa charity” to every woman I see and come across with.

I did receive negative comments and criticism from my little cousins and those people who know me but when I stated the reason why I did it, they supported and accepted me for what I have done. On the other hand, my parents and my fiance, until now, cannot accept the fact that I have shaved my head. I thought my fiance was already slowly accepting it however for the past 2 hours, our conversation did not get far. He stated that I have hurt him by shaving my off hair but I argued that I want to do so and that he should not get angry so much that it is affecting our relationship. I feel limited again to what my fiance and my parents dictate to me however, shaved head is what I want. I want to post the video of my head being shaved and make a blog to why I did it. I did not cheat on him, I did not kiss or have sex with another guy. I still love him. I am still the same person, however, with a different kind of experience now that alot of people will get curious why my hair is gone.

After shaving my head, I went to a shopping mall. It was unbelievable that I was able to face the outside world after doing something socially unbelievable. I did not care about what other people thought about me yesterday, I just went on with my business as it is normal. I think being normal helped me in a way that I did not get conscious about other people and their thoughts when they stared me. In fact, I did not even realise people were staring at me until my little cousin disturbingly had told me about it as she was more consciousof my head than myself.

My little cousin was quite funny as she was hurling insulting words like “oh you look ugly now!”, “You look like a boy!”, “can you please put on a hat?”, “Why did you have to do it?!” and many more. I found it quite funny that she was the first one to test my patience and how long I can take such mental distress. On the other hand, she unknowingly made me stronger. While she kept hurling words at me in front of other people and especially while my hair was being shaved, I kept reminding her, “do not worry, I shaved it for a good cause”. I have no regrets, in fact I feel very refreshed! I love the fact that I am able to tell people so publicly about human trafficking, what it is, and what we can do to combat it. I like the fact that when people stare at me  for so long, I am able to go to them and speak about the cause. In essence, I am satisfied with my shaved hair because not only I stood up for a good cause, it also made me  mentally stronger.

Would I suggest other women to follow? One of my friends has told me that he greatly supports me because he thinks that every girl should have gone through like this for life changing experience. I agree with him. However, on the basis that she would mentally prepare herself for what is to come after shaving. My fiance has told me if I have foreseen that we would argue about this. I told him, no because there is no need to since I still love him the same. I understand that he very much disagree to me doing such a thing and has taken our argument into a further depressing level. I hope that we would come back to each other again after a few days or weeks of break 😦

Do you agree with my friend? Do you think you would ever shave your hair in your life for a cause or personal reasons? If not, why so?

This is a photo of my hair before shaving

This is the aftermath