First time photographing break dancers

I took some photos of break-dancers while I was visiting my friend’s restaurant at Calamba, Laguna on Nov. 6 and 10. It was pretty much the first time took photos of break dancers which I just met. Was quite nervous that I might mess up.. However, I had to overcome my nervousness because, before I approached them, I have been watching them for 2 hours to which I was impressed with their skills and fell in love with their dance moves!

Here are two of the best shots taken. The rest can be viewed in the following link:



Here are the 3 chosen other shots. The rest can be viewed here: Likewise, the blur pictures can be viewed here:

IMG_1259 taa 25%



I realized that the best photos have either one of the hands or legs cut off. Sorry about that. I am quite  satisfied with the photos because the quality turned out quite good and I have taken photos of them smiling and enjoying what they are doing, which is to me very refreshing and uplifting ^-^

I quite like the fact that they were practicing outside, not in a studio, because it exposes them to get use to the public viewers. I remember, when figure skating was my sport years ago, I get conscious of people looking at when I practice for an upcoming competition or learn new moves. I should not have mind what other people would have thought about me. Oh well, next time when I pick up figure skating again.

What an awesome experience. They were quite patient with me, especially with my flashes. Thank you very much for allowing me to take photos of you guys!

I wish to try this in the future: Photographing dance moves with LEDs attached to the shoes of the break dancers combined with long exposure shots seems to be exciting. Don’t you think so?