Be Lifted High by Brian Johnson is a wonderful song

Have you heard this song? This is the live version, feel free to search for the recorded version as it is quite good too.

I first heard this song 3 months ago at New Life Christian Fellowship one Sunday morning during worship. Today, my heart, mind, and soul want to keep singing this song because God had convicted me from selfishly pursuing my own plans leaving God’s plan and purpose for me stranded somewhere. I am aware that my own design for my life is nothing compared to when I set my eyes back to Jesus Christ and see things in his perspective for my life.

I am human, and I am not perfect. I must admit, majority of the times I plan my life without coming to God and consulting him first, which unconsciously make me feel boastful and egoistic of my deeds and achievements and also feel worry and anxiety at most times in the process. But this song takes me back to the real purpose of life – and that is to give glory to God and not to devote one’s life for one’s own passions, wants, and goals and not to put much emphasis in one’s welfare.

Whenever I feel that I am walking ahead from God when planning for the future and make decisions, I stop and my whole self sing songs that glorifies God. By doing so, I let God be the first in my life, in my decision making, and in my life plans.

I picture myself in the position of my dog. Whenever I walk him and at times when he walks fast in front pulling me, I shout his name so he will slow down and wait for me. There are also times in which he slows down to stop and to look at me in order to wait or check whether he is going the right pace. Any time I sing songs like this, I slow down my adrenalin and wait on God’s timing and words, after all, His plans and purposes are higher than ours. Though we may not like and appreciate it and though we experience hurt or bad things we think we should not deserve, God’s decisions always bring benefit in the long run and not just for us but also to others. This is because we may be a blessing to or learn from others or others would be a blessing to or would learn from us. I realise this from years of being a Christ follower because God is not all about one person itinerary, he is about changing lives and making an impact people, especially to non Christian believers.

This song is simple but it stresses out lifting up Jesus Christ in our lives.

Be lifted high….

For Your Glory, Be lifted high…


He is the King of all the ages

He is the Author of Salvation

He is the reason why we’re singing, for [His] Glory

He is the everlasting Father 

He is the all consuming fire