Indigestion with insight from John 15 (NLT)

I had a really bad indigestion on April 29. I ate food every one or two hours from 6am-8pm. I do not know if the food I ate was the cause of why there was pain on stomach and abdomen or if it was the amount of food. But here is the story…

6am – breakfast with rice, hotdog, and scrambled egg

8am – camomile tea

11am – lunch with the famous beef bowl of Yoshinoya

1pm – Cheese fries

2pm – Vietnamese food called “Bún Chả Cá” at a Vietnamese restaurant (however, the food was far from original. I know this for sure because I have lived in Hanoi and most Vietnamese food served outside Vietnam taste so different because they are either an adoption from the original version or taste weird due to different ingredients used.)

4pm – milk green tea at Gong Cha with a friend and finally,

7:30pm – tempura at Yoshinoya.

So…. what was wrong with the food I ate?!? I cannot find any solid reason because I have eaten more food in a day than that time.

I felt pain on my stomach and abdomen at 7:30pm after reading for two hours at a bookstore. It became worse after having eaten dinner. After the final meal of the day, my stomach was already hard and I could not bend down. Every time I stood up, it hurt even more. I was dizzy and felt like vomiting so I told my aunt that we should go to a nearby cafe to drink tea to hopefully help my digestive system work properly. I resulted to drinking tea because I have heard that  tea helps the digestive system.

I cannot pinpoint if the ginseng peppermint tea helped reduce the pain for awhile or if it was the prayer my parents had uttered on the phone but I believe it was the prayer that reduced the pain for about 30 minutes but  why does it have to came back after 30 minutes? Does God have a reason or was it just a natural occurrence? I am saying this because sometimes God let things happen to protect his children from what is  about to happen. For instance, I have heard a testimony from a person who shared that his life was spared due to minutes of delay, with no actually reason, from eating breakfast in the lobby of Marriott Hotel when it was bombed in 2003, Jakarta, Indonesia.

When my aunt went to buy medicine for me, I called up my parents and forced them to stop doing what they were occupied with to let them pray over me. After praying, my father asked me to stand up to check if it is still painful. Apparently, the pain was gone! I was so surprised of course because I was suffering from it in a not so private place and suddenly, it was gone. I told my father over the phone, “I was praying desperately before I called you but the pain never died down”. Then my father asked me, “why, why do you think God listens to my prayer over yours when it’s the same?”. I replied, “Maybe because you are closer to him than I am? Maybe because you read the Bible everyday and spend time to understand and hear His voice than I do? Maybe because you chose righteousness over wickedness?”

This incident is interesting because my devotion two days later is related to it. I read John 15 (New Living Translation) and the following is what I have got from my devotion:

Message: Jesus is the grapevine and God is the gardener. God prunes everything that does not produce fruit and prunes the branches that produce fruit to produce more (15:1-2)

  • When we obey God we remain in His love (15:10)
  • Our Joy will overflow as we remain in God’s love (15: 10-11)
  • Anyone who hates Him also hates God (15: 23)

Promise: If we remain in Him and His words remain in us, we can ask anything we want and it will be granted! (15:7)

Command: Remain in Him and He will remain in you. One cannot produce fruit and be fruitful without remaining in Him (15:4)

Warning: The world will persecute us because they persecuted and hated Christ first (15: 18-21)

Application: Remain in His love because we would be joyful, and we may ask Him for anything that He grant.

John 15 instruct us to remain in God so that He will remain in us. So if we ask of anything from Him, it will be granted because we are close to Him. The discussion about prayer is a lot more than this simple verse, such as,  the answer to our prayer depend on whether or not what we are praying for will benefit us in the long term, which I will not look into it further. I believe, ‘remain’ means taking time to be with Him to seek God in everything we do, to read His word, and to understand Him. What else can we do in order to remain in Him?  It does not mean that if we do not do this then God will not remain in us. Our relationship with God is similar with our affair with people, which is based on mutual relationship. God seeks to have relationship with each and everyone but it’s up to us to accept Him and remain in Him.

In conclusion, I never want to think again that any horrible experience I face is because of me not having a personal relationship with God. I shall try my best to take time to remain in God because I have not done so for years.

What about you? Are you going to try to remain in God? Why and why not?

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