The Vikings. Were they ‘literate’?

AY4013+Poster+ edited

This is the academic poster I made for my Viking class. Let me know what you think! Is it good enough or confusing due to many words or photos? The description is less than 500 words and got a 16/22.

My professor said, “The poster has an appealing layout when you first see it, and the images chosen are very effective. On closer examination however, it appears a little ‘messy’. There is a lack of natural connection or progression between the different text boxes, giving a disjointed impression. It is also hard to differentiate between image captions and informative texts. Why is the conclusion not in a text box? It is hard to see when given a different style then the rest of the text.” Do you agree with her comments? I think that the conclusion is rather fine, short and concise. Whether it is in a text box or not is a subjective view. Do you think this deserves a 16?

In my opinion, this is actually quite good. I could not believe myself that I was able to produce something like this when, in all honesty, I do not know how to create posters! It was such a scary task especially learning a new skill and seeing the rubric and how you can meet it and graduate with honours! But its worth it. 🙂

I think if professors know where a student have come from (not nationality but personal experience I guess) and improved then they would appreciate their input and hard work. Not implying that they don’t already. Generally, since different courses have different co-ordinators who assess the students’ assignments and projects, professors do not get to know their students on a deeper relational level. Well at least for the University of Aberdeen at the time when I was an undergraduate. However, it would be beneficial if professors handle students for a longer period for them to be able to see how their students have progressed throughout the years. Any thoughts?

2 thoughts on “The Vikings. Were they ‘literate’?

  1. It is difficult judge without knowing the instructor’s rubric. However, there is a lot going on. My eyes are drawn to the images first but I don’t know where to begin reading. I must make the decision to start logically after looking around it for a few seconds. Hope you don’t mind the Frank, honest feedback. I think you could make it better! Why not give it another go just to see for yourself? 🙂

    1. Haha, yes I do not mind the frank and honest feedback. 🙂 My professor said the same that she does not know where to begin. Although I thought it looks pretty logical and obvious to start from top left but it may be different from other people. 🙂 I would give it a try, don’t know when. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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