“Maundy Thursday”/”Our Happy Time” Movie comments

Korean movie with English subtitles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_poBtnt-Mao&feature=g-vrec.

9.19.12-This link does not work anymore so here’s an alternative link: http://www.veoh.com/watch/v6489466Y8NYt3SF?h1=KoreanMovie-Our+Happy+Time+(Maundy+Thursday)

I just finished watching a, what I characterise as, disturbing movie. Disturbing not in a horror or thriller way. It is disturbing because it is outrageous. I remember that my mom use to go to a prison, back in the Philippines, to share the good news to prisoners and to help rehabilitate them. My mom and her friend always come back with heartbreaking and saddening stories. I was always curious enough to ask and she has always been willing to tell. She tells me that she met prisoners who have been in prison for 10+ years, to some it may not be that long but what is heartbreaking is that alot of them are innocent and have been, in many cases, been blamed on for someone’s killing or crime. So basically, such prisoners have been in living hell for something they did not even commit. I believe this because it was not only my mom who tells me such stories, I have heard and keep discovering similar stories all over the world as I read biographies, journals, news, and academic papers.

What is outrageous about the movie is that Yun-soo Jeong, a convicted murderer awaiting execution, was executed after the fact that he had changed. He became a changed man from angry, bitter, hateful, and insecure person to an individual who has learned of love, forgiveness, acceptance, hope, and happiness. I am deeply saddened because I know there are prisoners out there who are crying out for second chances to live a changed life but never get to due to i.e. ‘the law’, corruption and… do you find any other reasons? I do not know how the law works for criminals, especially those who have killed people (1 or more). Yes they may have taken a life or lives but in my own voiceless opinion, if a prisoner, whether he be a death row prisoner or not, should be granted a second chance or if not, 3rd, 4th… chances in making his/her life right again if authorities have seen “changes” in their attitudes, not just in a period of months but years of observation to ascertain that the prisoner really did change. To me, taking a life (whether it be through brutal stabbing and beating to quick shots and quiet poisoning) is the same as any other ‘sin’. According to Oxford Dictionaries, (2012, http://oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/sin?q=sin) sin is “an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law”. I am a Christian but probably not the best role model as I do fall back quite alot of times and despite downgrading situations, I do know that God exist but right now, do not have enough faith and trust in Him.. but I’ll get there. Anyways, kinds of sins I can think off from the top of my head are human trafficking and adultery. There are alot more but I would just like to concentrate on these two immoral and disgusting factors. Human trafficking is the same as killing a life because one does more than enslaving a person. Human trafficking has many subdivisions, sex trafficking or sex slavery is one, to which traffickers kidnap little girls or deceive/bait vulnerable women (mostly those in poverty because they would do anything to try to get money to survive in their crippling situations) and force child labor is another, to which children (both boys and girls) are forced to work in any kind of industry available out there because of the very fact that they provide the cheapest labour. Here’s an example of child trafficking: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNpwIzeyjKQ and for further information about human trafficking please see below:

What I am trying to convey is that human trafficking does not only force women and children to do something beyond themselves (i.e. women who are trafficked for the sex industry have to have sex with 10+ men a day, depending on the traffickers, the country, and the situation, with little or no pay and treated like animals, hence, subjected to beatings and more violence… if you are in their situation, would you love being in such circumstances? I understand if a prostitute does what she is best doing but women who are deceived that they would have a decent job with a good salary but forced into sex slavery is so much different from women who sleeps with men in their own freewill. This is the case of the 8 Filipino women who were trafficked to Malaysia buy rogue agencies in June of 2009 in a local Malaysian newspaper, this still goes on until today), trafficking has long lasting impacts on the victims. Impacts can be physical, mental, emotional and social. Victims of human trafficking normally are traumatised and need rehabilitation to reintegrate themselves back into our societies. Human trafficking is the same as killing people because the victims have deep scares which will negative impacts in their lives.

In the same way, I believe, adultery is like killing someone because, even though I do not come from a family whose one of the parents have cheated or have sexual relations with someone outside their marriages, the emotional and mental hurt will have a negative impact not just on their married behalf but also on their children. This is because I know people, whose parents have committed adultery and hence been divorce or have multiple partners, who are very much affected and have a sense of long term hurt and pain which they carry on with their everyday lives. In addition, you may also include rape together with the two examples.

There are alot more examples of ‘sins’ but I believe that human trafficking and adultery illustrates how, whatever type of ‘sin’ one has committed, will still have impact on the victims. So in short, I believe that prisoners need to be re-evaluated before they are executed. Authorities needs to reconsider hard and need to study prisoners if they qualify to have a second chance of life. This is because this life allows each person in this planet to have chances to live a rightful and better life. I am saying this because, even though I have done so many guilty things which have lead to people getting hurt emotionally, physically, and mentally, I am heading towards a changed life as each day pases because I learn from ever mistakes I have made. Also, in a Christian point of view, I believe that God is just so amazing. Everyday is an example of His wonderfulness. Each day is a chance for us to change. Even though we may not achieve perfectness, knowing that trying to live a holy life is takes time and is a long process, He does not end the world right now because He gives each and everyone of us chances.

What do you think about the movie (if you have watched it from the link I have provided)? Do you agree about my thoughts or not? If not, why?

I really want to post blogs frequently but writing takes so much time because looking for links to my examples (as references) and arguments takes house and I have alot of things to say which could be abit challenging when writing a blog which I aim to be straight to the point. Anyways, this blog is not perfect. Normally, when I write a blog, it will take me a maximum of 1 week to write, re-write, and proof read in order to achieve a comprehensive yet intriguing argument (blog).